Bomarzo Hiking Trip: The Quest of the Etruscan Pyramid


Bomarzo Hiking Trip: The Quest of the Etruscan Pyramid

Saturday, February 3, 2018  
Cost: €60
Deadline to sign-up and pay is by 5:00pm on Friday, Jan 26, 2018

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Length: 10km

Difference in height: 200 m

Duration: 6 hours


Hike through history and nature in the mysterious heart of Tuscia. Altars, necropolis, cave streets and sacralized boulders, remains of anthropomorphic tombs and a Protestant church, suggestive rock settlements, beautiful waterfalls (where Pasolini filmed the scenes of the film "The Gospel according to Matthew"), and the extraordinary "Etruscan pyramid". A unique monument throughout Europe, an archaic altar, a sacred temple of unknown divinities and entirely carved into the rock in a single volcanic rock block, topped by ancient peoples with ancestral rites.


Minimum Number of Participants Required: 11

Maximum Number of Participants: 16


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