Tuscia HikingTrip (New!)


Tuscia HikingTrip (New!)

Date: Friday, April 13-Saturday, April 14, 2018
Cost: €160
Deadline to sign-up and pay by 5:00pm on Thursday, April 5, 2018


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Students must be 18 or older to participate in athletic trips.

Enjoy the Tuscia area, Viterbo province, with its history and natural beauties with us.


We will stay in the medieval town of Soriano Nel Cimino, overlooked by Mt. Cimino.


We will discover the Faggeta di Soriano Nel Cimino with an 11 km hike immersed in the green of the Cimini Mountains. The Faggeta covers more than 50 hectares at over 1,000 meters of altitude: 10,000 adult trees populate the forest, many of which are about 200 years old and 30 meters high. With these numbers, the Faggeta represents a rare example of "untouched forest" throughout Europe and is why the majesty of this forest is a wonderful invitation for all nature lovers.

From Monte Cimino (1052 m) to Poggio Nibbio (896 m), after reaching the summit of Cimino, we will cross the splendid beech tree and the trachitic boulders, and visit the Sasso  Naticarello, the, through the woods of Troscione, Valle Gelata and Piangoli. The trail is of average difficulty not for the trail and slopes, but for the length (about 11 km). On the crest of Poggio Nibbio the panorama is fantastic, giving an aerial view of the city of  Viterbo and the Maremma. The Bolsena Lake, Bisentina Island, Montefiascone; Mount Amiata; the fortress of Radicofani (province of Siena) and Mount Cetona.

It is also possible to admire the entire chain of volcanic domains of the Cimino system: from Palanzana on the right, follow the Monte San Valentino, the Montalto and finally the Cimino.

 Then we will have a chance to visit Lake Vico and hike around it!

What is included:
-1 night of accommodations
-private roundtrip transportation
-1 dinner
-2 packed lunches
-Guide for 2 days of hiking
-Knowledgeable and helpful JCU Staff on site

Minimum Number of Participants Required: 6
Maximum Number of Participants: 11

For more information email [email protected] 
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