Friday, Sep. 27-Saturday, Sep. 28, 2019   
Cost: €170
Deadline to sign-up and pay is at 11:00PM on Wednesday, Sep. 18, 2019

Students must be 18 or older to participate in this trip.
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On Saturday, we will visit Scanno Lake, which is located in Abruzzo, in the upper valley of the river Sagittarius, originated by a landslide from Mount Genzana, between 12.820 and 3.000 years ago, that crossed the river Tasso. It is located halfway between Villalago and Scanno, and is the largest natural lake in the region. We will spend the day hiking along the beautiful paths that are around the lake. We will get back from the hike and have a dinner in a local “agriturismo” on Scanno Lake.
On Sunday, we will hike in the morning and reach Frattura Vecchia, were we will have a BBQ. Frattura Vecchia is a ghost town that was abandoned in 1912 after a heart quake. “120 people were killed, mainly children and women, since adult men had relocated in the US or were following transhumance in Apulia. The village of Frattura was built on the divide (hence the name, since “frattura” here means rift, divide) that in prehistoric times was generated by an earthquake that blocked the Sagittario river and formed the lake of Scanno”.

What is included?

-Round-trip to Abruzzo with private vans
-Packed lunch, dinner, breakfast and BBQ
-Excursions and other guided tours

First Day
8:30 AM:  Departure from Rome with private Van;
11:00AM:  Arrival at Scanno Lake;
11:30AM:  Hiking session to the lake viewpoint and lunch;
2:00PM:    Paddle boat activity in Scanno lake);
5:30PM:    Check-in at the B&B;
7:30PM:    Dinner at the B&B.  

Second Day
8:30AM:  Breakfast;
9:30AM:  Hike to Frattura Vecchia;
1:00PM:   BBQ and free time;
3:00PM:   Return to the B&B, shower and check-out;
4:00PM:   Departure to Rome;
6:30PM:   Arrival in Rome.

Difficulty Level: First day E, Second day EE

Minimum Number of Participants Required: 6
Maximum Number of Participants: 16
**Please be reminded that, as stated in the Terms and Conditions, all activities and trips are not refundable.
***Please note that the itinerary is subject to change.