Date: Sunday, Sep. 22, 2019
Price: 85€
Deadline to sign-up and pay is by 11:00pm Wednesday, Oct. 18

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Bracciano is a marvelous Italian town located halfway between Rome and Viterbo. The natural surroundings are amazingly tranquil and fascinating. The town faces Lake Bracciano, which has volcanic origins and it is an important tourist location. Lake Bracciano, indeed, is famous for being an important hub for many sports because of its natural park. Odescalchi Castle was built in the 15th century, and combines the functions of a military defence structure and a civilian residence of the feudal lords of the period, the Orsini and Borgia, both papal families. As one of the largest and best-maintained castles in Italy, it also houses a museum; as a centre of cultural events, the Castello has hosted several high-profile weddings like the one of Tom Cruise/Katie Holmes.

What is included:

- Train tickets;
- Shuttle service from/to the Bracciano train station;
- Guided tour at the Odescalchi castle;
- 1 lunch;
- 1 breakfast;
- Sailing class;
- Sailing equipment.

8:30 AM: Meeting at Trastevere Station;
8:56 AM: Train departure; 
10:00 AM: Arrival in Bracciano and visit to the castle
11:30AM:  Transfer to the sailing club “Associazione velica Bracciano (AVB)”
12:00 PM: 1 hour class: boat equipment and basic knowledge about sailing;
01:00 PM: Lunch and free time; 
2:00 PM:   3 hours of sailing;
6:00 PM:   Departure to the train station and Gelato time!;
7:09 PM:   Train to Rome;
8:23 PM:   Arrival at Trastevere Station.

What to bring:
swim suite, sun glass, hat, a pair of Kayak shoes (or old sneakers), an extra t-shirt, towel and a change of clothes

Minimum Number of Participants Required: 5
Maximum Number of Participants: 12
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***Please note that the itinerary is subject to change