Date: Friday, Oct. 25, 2019 
Time: All Day
Price: €60
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by 5:00pm on Thursday, October 17, 2019

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“…If you are looking for light, Benedict, why choose a dark cave?”The Saint replied:
“The cave doesn’t offer the desired light. But in the darkness you look for a bright light, because only in the depth of night do the stars shine”.

Subiaco is a small town located in the Lazio Region, well known for one of the most spiritual and important religious center in Europe since the  12th century: Saint Benedict’s Monastery. Its history stretches over the centuries and provides us with the unique and precious work of art that we can visit today: a Monastery that has become one with the rocks on which it was built, a Sanctuary that Francesco Petrarca described as the
 “Edge of Paradise“. The Monastery was built around the refuge  (Sacro Speco) where the saint spent three years in meditation.
We will visit this holy place with a special guide who will show us some areas usually closed to the public. 

What is included?
- Tour guide of the Monastery, the Abbey of Santa Scolastica and the Ancient Library
- Lunch at the guest house of the Monastery with local products
- Visit of “Sacro Speco” with the refectory of the 13th century
Private Mass Service with our Chaplain Riccardo Lufrani (TBC)                                      


Minimum Number of Participants Required:15
Maximum Number of Participants: 20

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