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COURSE NAME: "Advanced Grammar and Conversation"
SEMESTER & YEAR: Fall 2019

INSTRUCTOR: Federica Capoferri
EMAIL: [email protected]
HOURS: TTH 1:30-2:45 PM
PREREQUISITES: Prerequisite: Placement or IT 202 or permission of the instructor

This course is designed to help students gain fluency and confidence in speaking while reviewing the advanced structures of Italian grammar. Contemporary literary and journalistic texts offer an introduction to Italian culture and provide the basis for class discussions geared toward expanding vocabulary and reinforcing the idiomatic use of the language.
Contemporary texts will provide the basis for class discussions geared toward expanding vocabulary and reviewing advanced grammar structures such as congiuntivo, periodo ipotetico, passato remoto. Topics of discussion will reflect various aspects of modern Italy as well as current events. Students will be asked to express themselves in a variety of ways including writing compositions, summarizing articles, and doing oral presentations.
Please note that this is an ADVANCED grammar course and as such it implies the knowledge of the grammar topics studied in Intermediate 1 and 2. Students are STRONGLY encouraged to take the JCU on-line placement test to be sure to be in the right level.

Upon successfully completing this course, students should be able to:
  • Discuss a variety of topics using complex grammatical structures, correct syntax, and appropriate vocabulary;
  • Comprehend the general meaning of advanced-level texts;
  • Produce written texts of varying length, using complex grammatical structures, correct syntax, and sophisticated vocabulary;
  • Recognize various styles and registers and distinguish between spoken and written usage.
Book TitleAuthorPublisherISBN numberLibrary Call NumberComments
Scontro di civiltà per un ascensore a Piazza VittorioAmara LakhousE/09788876418099  
Parlo l'italianoLuigi Furno'Città Nuova9788831116251  
Attiva lessico B1/B2J. CattunarLeMonnier 9788800806503  

Homework and ACTIVE class participationStudents are required to actively participate to class conversations and activities. PLEASE NOTE THAT I-PHONE AND COMPUTERS ARE NOT ALLOWED IN CLASS. STUDENTS WHO WILL DISREGARD THIS RULE WILL BE ASKED TO LEAVE THE CLASSROOM. Students who are advised by the Instructor to go to the FLRC are expected to follow the reccomendation. Homework is an essential part of a language class. More than two homework assignments missed will result in an F in this portion of the grade. 20%
In-class written compositions Compositions on topics given by the Instructor. NO MAKE UP!10%
MidtermIn-class exam20%
oral presentation10 minutes oral presentation on a topic previously discussed with the instructor.10%
Quizzes (2)Two in class quizzes on the grammar topics covered in class. NO MAKE UP!15%
FINAL EXAMIn-class exam20%
Attendance ATTENDANCE: students are allowed of a TOTAL of 2 absences. More than 2 absences will result in 2 point off from this portion of your grade for each extra absence.5%

AWork of this quality directly addresses the question or problem raised and provides a coherent argument displaying an extensive knowledge of relevant information or content. This type of work demonstrates the ability to critically evaluate concepts and theory and has an element of novelty and originality. There is clear evidence of a significant amount of reading beyond that required for the cours
BThis is highly competent level of performance and directly addresses the question or problem raised.There is a demonstration of some ability to critically evaluatetheory and concepts and relate them to practice. Discussions reflect the student’s own arguments and are not simply a repetition of standard lecture andreference material. The work does not suffer from any major errors or omissions and provides evidence of reading beyond the required assignments.
CThis is an acceptable level of performance and provides answers that are clear but limited, reflecting the information offered in the lectures and reference readings.
DThis level of performances demonstrates that the student lacks a coherent grasp of the material.Important information is omitted and irrelevant points included.In effect, the student has barely done enough to persuade the instructor that s/he should not fail.
FThis work fails to show any knowledge or understanding of the issues raised in the question. Most of the material in the answer is irrelevant.

Two absences allowed.
As stated in the university catalog, any student who commits an act of academic dishonesty will receive a failing grade on the work in which the dishonesty occurred. In addition, acts of academic dishonesty, irrespective of the weight of the assignment, may result in the student receiving a failing grade in the course. Instances of academic dishonesty will be reported to the Dean of Academic Affairs. A student who is reported twice for academic dishonesty is subject to summary dismissal from the University. In such a case, the Academic Council will then make a recommendation to the President, who will make the final decision.
John Cabot University does not discriminate on the basis of disability or handicap. Students with approved accommodations must inform their professors at the beginning of the term. Please see the website for the complete policy.


Please note that the Instructor can make changes to the schedule.
Check MyJCU for your homework.

Week 1:
Introduction to the course. Presentation of the syllabus.
Warming-up oral and written exercises.
Grammar Focus: Review Present Past and Imperfect.

Week 2 :
Discussion: Italy Today. Attiva Lessico, chapter 1.
Grammar: Present Past and Imperfect.

Week 3:
Discussion: Italian cities. Attiva Lessico, chapter 2;
Grammar; Parlo l'Italiano, Unit 12: Passato remoto.
Individual research on Piazza Vittorio (to be reported to the class).

Week 4:
Discussion: Scontro di civiltà per un ascensore a Piazza Vittorio (SDC): Chapter 1.Italy and immigrants.
Grammar: Parlo l'Italiano. Unit 12: Passato remoto.
TH: In class composition 1.

Week 5:
Discussion: "Mangiare italiano". Attiva Lessico, chapter 15.
SDC, chapter 2.
Grammar: Parlo l'Italiano. Unit 13: Congiuntivo presente e passato.

Week 6:

Discussion: "Personalità", Attiva Lessico, chapter 7.
SDC chapters 3,4.
Grammar. Parlo l'Italiano. Unit 13: congiuntivo presente e imperfetto.

Week 7:
Discussion: Contemporary Italian Society. Attiva lessico, chapter 17.
Grammar. Parlo l'Italiano. Unit 14: Congiuntivo imperfetto e trapassato.
Practise for Midterm Exam

Week 8:
T: Midterm Exam
Discussion: SDC, chapter 5; Attiva Lessico, Chapter 11.

Week 9:
Discussion SDC chapters 6-7.
Grammar: Parlo l'Italiano. Unit 14: Congiuntivo imperfetto e trapassato

Week 10:
T: In-class composition 2.
Discussion SDC Chapters 8-9. Attiva Lessico, chapter 12.
Grammar: Unit 15:Periodo ipotetico.

Week 11:
Discussion: Italy in the next 20 years. Attiva lessico, chapter 13.
Grammar: Unit 15: Periodo ipotetico.

Week 12:
Discussion on SDC, chapters 10-11. Attiva lessico, chapter 14.
Grammar Unit 16: Pronomi relativi

Week 13:

Oral presentations.
Grammar Unit 17: La forma passiva.

Week 14:
Oral Presentations.
Review for Final.