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Please be advised that applications will be processed in the order in which they are received. In cases where the non-refundable housing deposit is required, the application will not be processed until the deposit payment is received.


  • Parents, guardians, and/or study abroad coordinators ARE NOT PERMITED to submit this form on behalf of the applicant
  • All applicants will need to know their home university’s billing policies and relationship with JCU in order to complete this application. Before you begin, please check with your home university to see what arrangements (if any) have already been made with JCU.
  • This application serves as a pre-contract which authorizes our office to secure housing arrangements for the applicant based on the criteria provided on this form and to charge the applicant (and/or the applicant’s home school on behalf of the applicant) the appropriate fees in accordance with our rules and regulations


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  * I understand that the full housing payment is due according to the table below and I agree that if my payment is not received by the payment deadline for the corresponding term, a late fee of $150 will be applied.

Application deadline (*)
(including housing deposit)
Payment deadline
Fall June 1st July 15
Spring November 1st November 30
Summer I April 15 April 30
Summer II May 15 May 30
  I am expecting financial aid and/or scholarship money to help pay for housing


Roommate Requests

Same room:
Same apartment:
  * Please place a check in this box to indicate that you understand and agree to the following items 1-2:
  • 1. Although JCU takes my requests and preferences into consideration, the housing office cannot guarantee that I will be placed in the option I have indicated above
  • 2. I understand that there are a limited number of spaces in each housing category and I am aware that housing assignments at JCU are made on a priority scale determined by the following:
    1. a. date of application
    2. b. date of payment received
    3. c. regular JCU students
    4. d. returning or yearlong visiting students
    5. e. New 4 year degree seeking students
    6. f. Study abroad students from agreement schools
    7. g. Other/independant study abroad students

Residential profile

Please create your residential profile and assist us in placing you with the right roommates by answering the following questions in a thoughtful and honest manner.

Note to parents and guardians: DO NOT FILL THIS PROFILE OUT ON BEHALF OF THE STUDENTS. Please respect their privacy and allow them to complete this portion of the form without your influence.

Please select the most accurate response:

A) Sleeping Patterns (morning person vs night owl)
B) I keep my room
C) I prefer to study
D) Although smoking is strictly prohibited in JCU housing
E) Social patterns (*)
F) I keep common areas (Kitchen, Bathroom, Livingroom)

(*) JCU Housing is meant to satisfy academic needs first and social ones secondarily. Furthermore, overnight guests are not permitted in our housing under any circumstances due to Italian anti-terrorist and immigration laws.


  • 1. Housing Deposit:
    • a. This application will not be processed the non-refundable housing deposit has been paid (unless the deposit is waived).
    • b. The housing deposit is a non-refundable down payment that will eventually be applied towards the full amount of the corresponding housing payment.
    • c. If the housing deposit was waived, John Cabot University reserve the right to charge the applicant the full amount of the housing deposit if the application is cancelled after the housing deadline for the corresponding term.
  • 2. Cancellation:
    • a. I understand that if I wish to cancel or withdraw my request for housing, I must do so in writing by emailing housing@johncabot.edu on or before the application deadline for the corresponding term.
    • b. I understand that should I choose to withdraw my application for housing, I will forfeit the housing deposit (even if the housing deposit was waived due to a billing arrangement between JCU and my home university).
    • c. I understand that should I choose to withdraw my application or cancel my request for housing AFTER the full payment deadline for the corresponding term, John Cabot University reserves the right to charge me either personally or through my home university for the full cost of housing.
  • 3. Refund Policy:
    • a. I understand that completed Housing Payments may be fully refunded (less the non -refundable Housing Deposit) if notice is received in writing before the payment deadline for the corresponding term.
    • b. I agree that if a cancellation request is received in writing after the payment deadline and before the move in date for the corresponding term, a refund will be granted for half the amount paid less the non-refundable deposit.
    • c. Cancellation requests received after the move in date for the corresponding term will not be granted a refund. Likewise, after occupancy, no refunds will be possible.
  • 4. Housing Move-in and Move-out:
    • a. Please note that you cannot move in to your apartment before the move-in date and must vacate the apartment on or before the move-out date. Please see the Housing Move In and Out of the Housing website.
  • 5. Immigration Requirements:
    • a. I understand that I am responsible for obtaining and maintaining my legal status in Italy: I will obtain my STUDENT VISA prior to entering the EU and complete the "Permit to Stay" within 8 days of entering Italian territory. I understand that failure to comply with immigration laws is a forfeit of my housing accommodations, with no available refund, and that JCU does not accept liability for students who do not complete their legal requirements.

  * By checking this box I agree that I have read and understand items 1-5 of the legal disclaimer above. I also agree that to abide by the rules, regulations, policies, and procedures of the JCU Housing Office as outlined on the Housing, Rules and Policies and JCU Housing Policies and Regulations sections of the JCU website. Finally I understand that this application is considered a legally binding contract from the moment it is submitted.


  By checking this box I authorize The JCU Office of Housing and Residential Life to communicate with my parent/guardian regarding the details of my application and payment process (ONLY).

Note: In accordance with FERPA regulations and Italian Privacy laws, all subsequent information and communications regarding your housing requests will not be discussed with parents unless otherwise authorized by students of legal age (18 years and older).

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  * By signing this document I give the JCU Housing Office my consent to process any personal data required to provide and maintain my housing at JCU (Privacy: Italian legislative decree n. 196 dated 30 June 2003).